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Cellular rubber

Rubberstock has a very extensive range of rubber foam products in both plate and strips. We supply cell rubber in EPDM, CR (neoprene) and NBR (nitrile) quality and silicone foam, with or without a self adhesive adhesive layer. These soft and flexible materials are ideal for sealing irregularities or gaps.

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Cellular rubber tape

Silicone foam, EPDM, neoprene and nitrile cellular rubber: ideal for sealing, insulation or soundproofing. In contrast to solid rubber, cellular rubber and foam rubber are very elastic, flexible and compressible. This makes these materials well-suited for e.g. sealing over irregularities, filling cracks and making window and door frames water- and airtight. The primary difference between cellular rubber and foam rubber is the partial or complete 'skin' on foam rubber. This provides even greater sealing abilities because no gases or liquids can penetrate it.

The silicone foam and cellular rubber from Rubberstock have a closed cell structure, which makes this type of elastomer ideal for use in damp or wet environments.

Silicone foam has excellent resistance to both high and low temperatures. This high-quality material is very soft and elastic and has a long service life, even when used outdoors.

Adhesive rubber strip

A wide range of cellular rubber qualities in widths up to 1000mm
Rubberstock supplies cellular rubber in EPDM, CR and NBR. EPDM cellular rubber has good water and weather resistance. CR (neoprene) cellular rubber is a multifunctional rubber with a broad resistance to a large number of substances. NBR cellular rubber is the most resistant to oils and fats of these 3 types.

Cellular rubber and silicone foam from Rubberstock are available in stock in sheets and tape cut to the desired size, with or without a self-adhesive layer.
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