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Stable mats

The stable mats from Rubberstock are specially designed for horses and other cattle. The rubber mats are not only made for enduring heavy weights, but they are also very sustainable and give enough comfort to the animals when they are standing in a stable or during transport.

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Robust and comfort for all livestock

Rubberstock supplies various types of stable mats. Whether you are looking for stable mats or tailgate mats, you're bound to find them in our range.

Our rubber stable mats provide more comfort and grip for horses and are particularly durable and wear-resistant. They are relatively thick and specially manufactured for heavy loads. The horse mats are simple to lay down and easy to maintain. The rubber mats ensure that livestock are less likely to injure themselves and provide extra insulation on cold winter days. The mats are also urine and water permeable. In addition, they reduce noise.

Aside from stable mats, the Rubberstock range also includes tail lift mats. A tail lift mat is strong and durable, and the broad ridges on the top side of the mat help to prevent your horse from slipping. These features make this rubber mat ideal for use on the tail lift of a horse trailer.

Horse stable mats

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