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Wet room flooring

Our wet room flooring sets the benchmark for floor gratings in wet areas and workplaces. Thanks to the integrated drainage system, which ensures water drainage from all sides, the standard mat is suitable for all areas where considerable amounts of moisture need to drain off quickly.

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Slatted mats for dry and wet rooms

Rubberstock supplies comfortable plastic slatted mats in many colours and various widths. These antibacterial and hygienic mats are made of soft PVC and provide you with a high level of comfort. The mats are non-slip and very well-suited for workplaces where, for example, liquids are used. Corfu slatted mats are ideally suited for so-called wet rooms or damp areas. The PVC slats have a special relief structure which results in very high anti-slip properties. Of course, this greatly improves safety.

Water or other liquids can flow away continually via the integrated drainage system. The wetroom mats are therefore very well-suited for use in swimming pools, saunas, shower rooms, bathrooms, changing rooms, toilets, sports areas, and wellness, sports, and fitness centres.

The mats are also easy to move as they can be rolled up.

Plastic Slatted Floors

PVC slatted mats are available in various widths and numerous colours. We can cut the mats to any desired length. The maximum roll length is 10 metres. Longer roll lengths (up to 30 metres) are available on request.

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