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Workplace mats

Rubberstock, the rubber specialist, also stocks anti-fatigue mats in standard dimensions for placing in smaller spaces such as behind counters, machines or in garages. Research has shown that this reduces the load on the musculoskeletal system by as much as 60%. Are you going to cover a larger space or entire walkways with anti-fatigue mats? The mats can be simply connected to each other, making your job very easy.

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Workplace mats - Safety in the workplace

Workplace mats from Rubberstock are the ideal solution for workplaces which often require standing for a long time in one place. The mats are shock-absorbent and therefore reduce tiredness. They have a spring effect which also reduces the pressure on the back, feet and legs.

All workplace mats from Rubberstock have an anti-slip surface on the top side. They also have chamfered edges as standard to prevent tripping. This ensures that the mats help to increase safety in the workplace. In addition, the workplace mats are insulated against cold, heat, vibration and sound.

Anti-fatigue mat uses:
•Assembly workshops
•Production and packing workshops
•Behind the assembly line
•With machines
•Behind counters 


The right anti-fatigue mat for every workplace

Rubberstock has various anti-fatigue mats in standard dimensions for smaller workplaces behind counters or machines. In addition, we also have mats in our range which can be linked to each other along one or more sides, so that larger areas or entire walkways can be covered with these mats.

We have special anti-static workplace mats in the range for use with machinery, in garages or in other places where work is carried out with liquids. These mats are well-suited for intensive use and are even resistant to oils, solvents, petrol, fats and many chemicals.

Do you have questions about our anti-fatigue mats? Then get in touch with our customer service team.
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