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Suction and delivery hoses

Rubberstock green transparent PVC hoses with a white, robust, impact-proof spiral. These flexible hoses are manufactured in the best possible quality and are kink-free and durable. Suitable for suction and drainage of both clean and dirty water. Also suitable for vacuum applications as a suction hose. Available in many diameters.

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Suction hose green - Water hoses with spiral

Universally applicable plastic hoses - also for vacuum applications

Rubberstock supplies these green PVC hoses in the highest quality. Our water transport hoses are flexible and impact resistant. Due to the presence of a white PVC insertion, these hoses are also kink-free and suitable as suction hoses, creating vacuum as much as possible.

The plastic hoses have a smooth inner wall to allow a smooth flow. A major advantage of this is that no internal contamination of the hoses can occur.

Green transparent PVC hoses can be applied in many sectors. These include road and water engineering, the agricultural sector, water treatment, but also industrial use.

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