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Rubber grass mats

As well as creating a safe environment for children’s play, the unique design of these rubber grass mats makes them almost invisible to the eye once the grass has been allowed to grow through. So, if you’re looking for a simple but almost invisible safety solution, you’ve certainly come to the right place. In addition, our rubber grass mats are excellent for use as an entrance mat. – click on the relevant product below for more information.

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Rubber grass mats

Rubber grass mats or ring mats are often used as doormats. They are also suitable for many other applications. Their shock-absorbing qualities make ring mats perfect for use as anti-fatigue matting in workplaces. The open structure of the mats also makes them non-slip: water is drawn down through the mat while the surface remains dry. This makes the mats ideal for walkways or around sports tracks and ice rinks.
The mats are very robust and are therefore well-suited for use in areas subject to heavy footfall.

A ring mat can also be used to protect the walls of stables or as mat for workplaces, machinery and factories.

Rubberstock has ring mats in various sizes. The mats can be joined together using special connectors, so they can be arranged in virtually any size as desired.

We also have small brushes in various colours in stock for some ring mats. These can easily be clicked into the mat, so that shoes can be wiped on all or part of the mat.
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