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Flange gaskets

SBR rubber gaskets are important components for achieving seals in your piping systems or other connections in devices and machines. These gasket rings are suitable for 90 degrees Celsius and for general purposes. The maximum pressure is 10 bar. A great advantage for gaskets made of rubber elastomers is that a seal will already be achieved with low pressure.

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DN 20 gasket SBR 60x28x3mm
DN 20 gasket SBR 60x28x3mm
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Flange gaskets

Rubberstock has a large number of flange gaskets in its range. These rubber rings are ideal as seals to prevent leakages of gas or liquids. They are produced from components that provide them with good thermal properties and high chemical resistance. None of the substances that this product is made of are harmful to humans and no chemicals are found to be emitted at higher temperatures. The flange gaskets are very well-suited for sealing oils, fuels, gases, freons, solvents and non-aggressive chemicals.

Rubber sealing rings

All products are exclusively produced from eco-friendly recycled rubber. This is also the case for our other products like the rubber mats and rubber profiles. Take a look at our extensive range!
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