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Para sheeting

Natural rubber offers a good balance of properties, particularly for mechanical applications and can be compounded to produce high resilience, good tensile strength, low compression set and high tear properties over a wide range of hardnesses. The abrasion resistance of natural rubber is good. It has better resilience, and maintains flexibility at lower temperatures better than most synthetics. However, natural rubber is less resistant to ozone, petroleum oils and fluids than some of the synthetics.

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Natural rubber

This para grey rubber sheeting has a really diverse range of uses. It has various applications in shipping, vehicle construction, and other industries. It is mainly used for insulation, dampening and shock absorption purposes. But by cutting it into strips, gaskets or rings, it can also be used for a wide range of other applications.

Para rubber sheets

This sheet rubber has excellent mechanical properties, low permanent compression and high elasticity. The sheets are resistant to temperatures between -50°C and +90°C and have excellent dynamic and restorative properties. The hardness of these rubber plates is +/- 45 degrees Shore and has a density of 1.05g/cm3. Para rubber sheets have good resistance to acids and salts but are not recommended for use in contact with oils and hydrocarbons. This product is also smooth on both sides.

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