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SBR sheeting

SBR rubber is a common rubber and suitable for general purposes. Applications can be found among others in the construction, industry and shipping. SBR rubber has a relatively good wear resistance and therefore used for conveyor belts, flooring, insulation, dampers and seals.

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SBR Rubber

The many industrial uses for SBR sheet rubber

SBR sheet rubber is known as universal sheet rubber and has various applications in construction, shipping, industry and vehicle construction.

Here are a few examples to illustrate the diversity of this product.

SBR sheet rubber is used to prevent leaks and reduce draughts. But it can also be used for sound-proofing and packing. By cutting it into strips, gaskets or rings, it can be used for even more purposes.

SBR sheet rubber

Aside from its wide range of uses, SBR sheet rubber also has some excellent mechanical properties. It has a low compression set and high elasticity. It is resistant to temperatures between -20°C and +90°C and it is therefore also suitable for insulation, dampening and shock absorption purposes.

The sheets are even resistant to acids and salts, but are not recommended for use in contact with oils and hydrocarbons.
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