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Viton sheeting

Viton® has a good resistance to most chemicals and commercial fluids. It has the ability to retain strength at elevated temperature and to withstand embrittlement during long term heat exposure. Temperature range -15°C to + 250°C. Viton™ is a registered trademark of the Chemours Company. Rubberstock is an authorized seller for this and other brands we work with.

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FPM (Viton®) 4mm - 1,2m
FPM (Viton®) 4mm - 1,2m
From £ 432.00
FPM (Viton®) 3mm - 1,2m
FPM (Viton®) 3mm - 1,2m
From £ 336.00
FPM (Viton®) 2mm - 1,2m
FPM (Viton®) 2mm - 1,2m
From £ 216.00

FKM rubber - A rubber with superior characteristics

Viton® rubber (FKM/FPM) is a very high-quality fluorine-containing rubber with good resistance to many chemicals, as well as most concentrated acids and alkalis. The material can be used at elevated temperatures, even up to 200°C. Viton®, also known as FPM and FKM, has superior properties compared to other rubbers, especially where durability and chemical resistance are concerned.

Viton® is a high-quality fluorine-containing rubber with excellent chemical resistance and is therefore widely applicable for use with substances including chemicals, mineral and synthetic oils, greases, lubricants, fuels, acids and alkalis. In addition to good chemical resistance, the material is suitable for high temperatures up to a maximum of +200°C.

FPM rubber

The material is also known under general trade names such as FPM and FKM.

Viton® has a high specific gravity, and is elastic, durable and shock-resistant. The mechanical properties are also largely retained at elevated temperatures. 
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Rubberstock supplies Viton® in the form of sheets, rolls, tapes, strips and all possible shapes and sizes of products that can be cut out of rubber sheeting.