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Silicone hoses

Rubber hoses are increasingly replaced by our universal silicone hoses. The silicone hoses are extremely durable, excellent for high temperature applications and the specially designed reinforcements are very suitable for applications where high pressure plays a role. In addition, these silicone products also look fantastic and colorful.

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Silicone car hoses

Increasing demand for silicone hoses. Silicone hoses are conquering the market!

Nowadays there is increasing demand for the superior silicone hoses from Rubberstock instead of the traditional rubber hose. These hoses not only perform better - especially at high temperatures and under pressure - they also look great.

Flexible silicone hoses

Universally applicable

This development is especially visible in the automotive sector. Think of (turbo) engines in racing and rally cars, vintage cars, motorcycles, lorries, buses or tractors, car tuning, karting and Formula 1.

But silicone hoses are also widely and frequently used in other types of industry where (diesel) engines or machinery are important. Examples include agriculture, dredging, shipping, aviation, pleasure boating and machinery construction. Silicone hoses have good temperature resistance, flexibility and durability and have great thermal and electrical insulating properties, making them extremely well-suited for compressors and heating, cooling, ventilation and turbo systems.

Wide range of hoses and specialist connectors in many different colours.

Rubberstock is joining this trend by supplying a wide range of silicone products. These include flexible and straight hoses, elbows, angle pieces, T-pieces and bellows. We aim to have all our silicone hoses and parts in stock in the most common sizes in blue, black (glossy and matte), red, orange, and dark and light green.

Our special oil-resistant silicone hoses are olive green. This makes them easy to recognise. You can select them by choosing the 'oil-resistant silicone’ filter.

We also supply transparent silicone hoses. Transparent silicone hoses are common in sectors involving food, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories.
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