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Hose clamps

The weatherproof hose clamps are ideal for connecting hoses and components made of silicone, rubber or PVC. We sell both stainless steel and steel galvanized hose clamps in a wide range of different sizes from Ø 8 mm to Ø 205 mm.

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Hose clamps: essential for securing your hoses properly

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A good hose clamp is essential for connecting rubber, PVC or silicone hoses and spacers. The hose clamp mainly ensures that the hose or spacer remains in place. Using a well-secured hose clamp will ensure that enough tension is created to provide a leak-proof connection between the hose and the component. All hoses and special connectors (elbows, reducers, bellows and T-pieces) in our range must be fixed to another component with at least one hose clamp. It is generally, however, better to work with several hose clamps per connection, especially if the connection functions under high pressure. In this case, it is advisable to attach the clamps facing in different directions.

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The maintenance-free and durable hose clamps from Rubberstock can withstand all weather conditions and are therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Aside from our galvanised steel designs, we also have hose clamps that are entirely made of stainless steel. These clamps have been manufactured from high-quality RVS 304, with minimum 18% chrome and 8% nickel alloy metal. Our galvanised steel clamps been manufactured from W1, a very tough material. These clips are protected from rust by zinc plating and electrolytic treatment.

Our hose clamps are strong, durable and have a smooth surface with rounded edges. The pressed-in ridges in the metal band ensure that it can lock at the desired diameter. The clamps are equipped with special endless screw closures with a hexagonal screw head and have a strong clamping force. This enables hose pieces to be connected perfectly.