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Silicone hose elbow 180°

Silicone elbows are ideal for optimal performance and sleek design. Rubberstock has a wide range of 180 degree silicone ebows in 7 different colors with diameters ranging from Ø 6.5 mm to Ø 114 mm. The polyester reinforced curves are suitable for high pressures and temperatures.

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Rubber 180-degree elbows

Easy to install in nearly every engine

Silicone elbow pieces from Rubberstock are important components in cooling, heating and air circulation systems. Using pre-formed elbows not only ensures a tight and clear shape, but prevents potential kinks from forming in the hose. The elbows work optimally in the most wide range of conditions, at high and low temperatures, and high or low pressure. These elbow pieces have a standard leg length of 100mm. Are you looking for specific technical data? Then take a look at one of the elbows, where you will find all the information about chemical resistence and the relevant properties of this product.

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We continually adapt our range to the needs of our customers as much as possible. So we really appreciate it if you get in touch with us if you are unable to find the colour or size that you are looking for on our website.

Are you looking for other silicone elbows, hoses or connectors? Then go to the silicone hose section. Here you will find our whole range of silicone hoses. You can find PVC or rubber hoses in the hose section.

If you cannot find the desired size, then in many cases you can choose a slightly larger diameter (up to 1mm for smaller diameters and up to 2mm for the somethwat large U-elbows).