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T-piece silicone hoses

The silicone T-pieces of Rubberstock are ideally suited to refill cooling systems. You can also use T-pieces very well to make any splits or taps in your pipework or system. Our T-pieces are laminated with polyester fabric, which makes them extra-resistant and suitable for use at temperatures up to 180 ° C. All available inner diameters (25 mm - 76 mm) are available in the colors blue, red, black and matt black.

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Silicone spacers

The practical solution for necessary branches in your system

The silicone T-pieces from Rubberstock are ideal for connecting together silicone hoses or for branching pipes. With the help of this coupling piece, you can connect several components together in an efficient way.

Aside from refilling cooling systems, silicone T-pieces are frequently used as turbochargers in engines or as 'breathers' in air systems. Additional gas or sometimes liquid is added to chargers. Breathers ensure that excess air to escape.


Rubberstock supplies silicone T-pieces with internal diameters of 25mm to 76mm. The standard length is 102mm. All our T-pieces – also known as branches, nozzles or spouts - have a diameter of Ø25mm and are 40mm in length. You can find more details by looking at the product pages of the T-pieces.