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Transparent silicone hoses

Making the right choice for your silicone tubing requirements is made easy by our comprehensive range of stock sizes, with bore sizes from 1mm up to 70mm. The wide range of transparent silicone hoses of Rubberstock meets the demands of practically any application.

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Transparent silicone hoses: inert and very well-suited for checking the flow of liquids

The transparent or 'see-through' silicone hoses from Rubberstock belong to a special category of silicone hoses. These hoses are entirely inert and contain no toxic substances. They also have a smooth finish on both the inside and outside, so that they can be cleaned well both internally and externally, and no residue is left behind. This is essential in the food, drink, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for example.

Transparent siliconen hoses are smooth and flexible and remain so during use, even at extreme temperatures of -60°C to +200°C. The products are durable and withstand influences from the surrounding atmosphere, ozone and ultraviolet radiation over long periods of time very well. The hoses are available from 1 metre up to 50 metres, depending on the diameter. An extensive overview of the product data can be found on the relevant product page. Transparent silicone hoses have a very wide range of applications.

Specific areas where these hoses can be used include:

•Food industry
•Cosmetics industry
•Chemical industry
•Medical sector
•Household appliances
•Electrical equipment and machines
•Automotive industry
•Machine construction
•Building and construction
•Shipping and yacht construction
•Air and space travel
•Processing technology