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We only deliver to business customers with a valid VAT number.

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Wire reinforced silicone hoses

Flexible silicone hoses with a stainless steel insertion give extra strength during bending. This prevents blockages in the hose. The flexible hoses of Rubberstock also stay at high temperatures and pressure optimally. We have these hoses in all basic diameters from Ø 9.5 mm to Ø 51 mm in stock.

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Hoses with spiral wire: extra strong and easy to use everywhere

A large selection of metre pieces with steel spiral directly available and in stock

There is the danger that flexible hoses will get kinks, especially if they are bent a bit too firmly. If you think this is likely with your project, then extra strong flexible silicone hoses are preferable. This is why Rubberstock has added silicone hoses containing stainless steel wire to its range. The wire is inserted into the hose in a spiral shape during the manufacturing process. Kinks therefore become impossible and the safe passage of gases or liquids is guaranteed. These hoses are especially useful in industries with cooling and heating systems where high flexibility is required. Find extensive technical data on the product detail pages.

We supply our flexible siliconen spiral hoses in blue, green (light and dark), orange, red and black - both glossy and matte.