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Anti-slip tape

Anti-slip tape is a quick, durable solution for surfaces where extra adhesion is required. Rubberstock provides this product in a number of variants. Our standard tape is suitable for industrial floors, stairs, and ramps, while the flexible conformable anti-slip tape is especially well-suited for irregular or embossed surfaces. For damp spaces such as changing rooms, swimming pools, and boats we can also provide special water-resistant safety tape.

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Self-adhesive anti-slip tape for extra safety

Rubberstock has various types of self-adhesive anti-slip tape in our assortment. The coarse-grained structure of this product prevents slipping and enhances safety on staircases, ramps and floors.
For smooth surfaces standard safety tape is available in a number of colours and comes in regular or extra coarse grain varieties. The latter is particularly suitable for heavily trafficked industrial environments.
To prevent slipping in changing rooms, on boats and in bathrooms, we recommend our special water-resistant safety tape. And to call attention to hazardous zones and the ends of loading platforms, we also offer brightly coloured anti-slip tape.
For surfaces that are embossed or fitted with screws, we offer extra strong flexible conformable anti-slip tape with a thin aluminium coating on the underside that prevents tearing. This tape is ideal for use on irregular surfaces
All our anti-slip tapes have a durable, strong self-adhesive layer on one side and are easily cut to size. And because our tapes have an extremely low profile, they virtually eliminate any risk of tripping.

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