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Threshold ramps

Rubberstock delivers ramps and threshold ramps in several different heights. The solid threshold ramps have chamfered sides with rounded corners which makes it safe to ride on from three sides. Our sturdy ramps can easily be placed side by side due to the straight cut sides of the ramps. This makes the ramps ideal for extra wide entrances.

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Rubber threshold ramps with round sides that can be driven over

The robust and versatile solid rubber threshold ramps from Rubberstock can be driven or walked over on 3 sides. The unique design has beveled sides and rounded corners. The ramp angle of the product is also adjusted to ensure easy accessibility.

Our threshold ramps or rubber access ramps are extremely stable and remain in place thanks to their solid design. They enable you to enter your house or apartment using a walker, wheelchair or mobility scooter safely and securely. They also provide a solution if you often need to get past troublesome thresholds with a trolley or wheelbarrow.

Our threshold ramps are made of 80% recycled rubber and can be used both indoors and outdoors all year round. Our products are beautifully designed, sound-absorbing and high-quality. They also have excellent durability and wear-resistance.

Threshold ramp - unique, safe and multifunctional

Our ramps have a ridged upper surface which increases both safety and their anti-slip effect.

The products are suitable for many types of surfaces such as concrete, wood, tiles, marble, paving stones and asphalt. The threshold ramps are easy to clean with water and detergent.

Numerous uses:

•Raised areas and obstacles
•Doors and thresholds
•Houses and shops
•Public buildings
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