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Vibration dampers

Rubberstock supplies a wide range of cylindrical vibration dampers and impact dampers in many sizes from stock. Vibration dampers are used for shock absorption and vibration absorption. By default, our dampers are made of natural rubber (NR), which enables application at temperatures of -30 ° C to + 70 ° C.

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Concave DS/D 25x18mm
Concave DS/D 25x18mm
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Washing machine vibration dampers

Rubberstock has many types of vibration dampers for you in stock in a large number of sizes.
Our cylindrical vibration dampers are ideal for universal applications handling light to medium loads. Vibration dampers are widely used as necessary parts in machines and devices. We also see our dampers frequently used in exhaust systems, fans and instrument panels, for example.

The different types consist of a circular - cylindrical - elastic rubber part, into which vulcanised metal parts are integrated. Depending on the type, the dampers have an external or internal metric screw thread or a combination thereof.
Our cylindrical vibration dampers, in type A, B and C are suitable for use both under pressure and shear stress. The D and E versions are actually cylindrical stoppers or machine feet and are ideal for pressure loading and for absorbing shocks.

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Please contact our customer service team if you cannot find the desired product or are looking for specific or specialist vibration dampers or machine feet. Our expert staff will be happy to help.
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