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Type C/F - Diabolo

Cylindrical waisted vibration dampers have a specific diabolo shape. This shape provides extra flexibility and suspension for excellent vibration absorption. Type C/F is provided with internal screw threads on both sides and is delivered from stock in various dimensions.

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Diabolo vibration dampers type C/F

Cylindrical - waisted - vibration dampers: extra flexibility and suspension

Diabolo vibration absorbers, also called waisted dampers, are used in particular in those places in which in addition to pressure loading there is lateral load (shear). But even in situations where there is a light tensile load, this type of damper can be used. However, the maximum allowable load, when there is lateral pressure, is considerably lower than the allowable load at compressive forces in the direction of the longitudinal axis.

Our F-type dampers are suitable for light to medium loads and are widely used in appliances and mechanical engineering, building construction, marine, and automotive industries.

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