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Type DS/E - Conical

Type DS/E vibration dampers have a very specific hollow shape. As a result, they are good to use on a non-level surface. Rubberstock supplies cylindrical conical dampers in two different versions, both in a number of different sizes. Type DS/E is equipped with an internal metric screw thread.

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Concave DS/E 25x18mm
Concave DS/E 25x18mm
From £ 0.84
Concave DS/E 40x28mm
Concave DS/E 40x28mm
From £ 1.56
Concave DS/E 50x28mm
Concave DS/E 50x28mm
From £ 1.86
The cylindrical conical dampers of Rubberstock have a radius at the bottom of the rubber part. The mold is called conical (hollow form). This type of damper ensures good stability and can also be used on a non-level surface. DS dampers are great for mobile devices and devices that need to be moved regularly.

The cylindrical vibration dampers are also known as mounts or vibration feet. They can be used as fenders or machine fittings with internal combustion engines, compressors aggregates, fans and pumps, but can also be used as soft impact dampers. The permissible load of the DS dampers is only in the direction of the longitudinal axis (axial).

Cylindrical concave dampers are mainly used in cranes, appliances and machinery, shipping and industry, but also for domestic and office machinery.