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Type KP/D - Parabolic

These specially designed vibration dampers are easy to assemble and suitable for light to heavy duty loads. Parabolic dampers are typically used between fixed points and moving vibrating parts to absorb vibrations. Type KP/D is provided with external screw thread.

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Parabolic type KP/D

Parabolic vibration dampers for light to medium duty.

Parabolic vibration dampers - also known as conical shock buffers - are ideally suited for light to heavy duty loads. Because of the surface - the specific pointed round shape - these dampers can also function at very low loads. This type of vibration damper is particularly suitable for placement between static (fixed points) and dynamic parts (moving parts). In this way excessive noise is muted and damage to other components is prevented. 

Our parabolic vibration dampers are commonly used for walls, panels and metal structures. Also, this type is perfectly suited for instrumentation and meters which must be built-in and should be able to function vibration-free. This guarantees the readability of the instruments in addition to the life of the equipment. Sectors where these vibration dampers are widely used are device construction, cranes, machine construction, shipping and the automotive sector.